Counter Strike 1.6 Online

No one in 2000 would have thought that in twenty years he would be able to play Counter Strike 1.6 completely online. In a real, genuine counter without downloading at all!

How to play

Players in Counter Strike 1.6 are divided into two teams: Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. Sometimes there is a chip on the map with the help of which one team can beat another: take out the hostages, plant a bomb, take the VIP person to the destination. But in any case, the very salt of Contra is the destruction of the entire opposing team.

To purchase items, press the B button (it is imperative that the keyboard layout is in Latin). Then proceed according to the menu: select the section from the first to the eighth, and inside the section - the thing you want to buy. For example, to buy a Desert Eagle, you need to press B - 1 - 3. Add to this B-7 ammo and armor with grenades. The weapon purchase menu itself is written in the upper left corner. The faster you shop, the faster you can hit enemies in Counter Strike online!

Counter Strike 1.6 has all the original maps plus a lot of amazing new items; the screenshot shows such an amazing map, which at first puzzled me. But it doesn't matter, experienced players quickly get used to everywhere. Good luck and good game!
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