Shell Shockers

Shell shockers is a super original 3D shooter. With a sense of humor, the creators decided in this simple io game to find out who, in the literal sense, has a stronger skin on the eggs. You can also play new FNF mods list with Picky, Kabi, Tabi, Dave, Agoti.

How to play

Shell Shocker is in a super-pre-alpha state. But there are already a lot of players here! The main task is to break as many eggs around as possible and not get hurt yourself. At the very beginning, you can choose a hero with a machine gun, shotgun or sniper rifle. Also, each soldier comes with a pistol. It should be noted separately that shots to the "head" are counted.

There are grenades on the map. A maximum of 3 grenades can be collected in reserve, and after being thrown, they explode quite quickly. To attack with a grenade, you need to press Q. They do not ricochet and stick to the place where they hit. On a direct hit, they can blow up a player with 100 hp!

Shell shockers a long road awaits. This is already evident in the attitude of creators to people; the game has prudently made a right-handed movement model (IJKL) for left-handed people. Great graphics and a cheerful environment also add to the benefits of this game.


  • WASD to move
  • E - switch weapons
  • R - reload < / li>
  • Space to jump
  • Q to throw a grenade
  • V - invert the mouse
  • "-" "+" to change the sensitivity mouse
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