Krunker io

Krunker io is a classic 3D first person shooter game that can be played in the browser with friends or against opponents online.

How to play

The challenge in Krunker io is also pretty familiar - you need to score as many points as possible during the round, i.e. get as many frags as possible. Whoever scores the most wins the round.

At the beginning of the Cranker io you already have a cannon with which you have to fight. If you run out of ammo, pay attention to the gray boxes scattered throughout the map. Comes closer and press R to restock.

There are bots in Krunker io, but they are disgustingly implemented, they do not leave live players any chance, they shoot straightforwardly and extremely accurately, so the best tactic before fixing the AI ​​problem is to avoid encounters with bots, leaving them to their opponents. After meeting with several players, you will already have a better chance of dealing with the bot.

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